Melbourne Weddings in the City


Melbourne Wedding Photographers utilize city locations to create memorable bridal portraits, in settings which can be accessed easily on the wedding day, by people and transport.

Popular wedding photography locations include areas around the southern end of the Central business District, the Arts Precinct in St Kilda Road, and the banks of Melbourne's Yarra River.

Wedding Photography in Melbourne City with newlyweds under the clocks at Flinders Street Station A bride and Groom outside Flinders Street Station with the traffic and pedestrians in view.

The best Melbourne Wedding Photographers are those who can make something ordinary look extraordinary- and here we present our interpretation of the facade of Flinders Street Station. Taken during a recent Melbourne wedding photography shoot, these two shots show above are an unusual, creative look at a common scene.

Wedding Photography in Hosier lane Melbourne, with a bride behind the wheel of a mustang convertible. Wedding Photography Melbourne- a bride and groom on Princes bridge with the city in the background

Be sure to allow time for parking and walking to your photo locations on the wedding day. Be aware of any concerts, events or festivals and plan for extra time and parking delays so that you don't miss out on valuable shooting time.

It's also a good idea to plan for bad weather, and consider heading towards a Melbourne City bar or restaurant for a different style of wedding photography. Seek permission well in advance.

Wedding Photography in Melbourne, a lane way with attractive graffiti art provides a colourful backdrop for this bridal portrait. Melbourne Wedding Photographers captures this beautiful bridal portrait with a backdrop of graffiti art. A wedding photo, by the Melbourne Wedding Photographers team, showing a bridal portrait in a city lane way.

The Melbourne City wedding photos below were shot in the arts precinct, and in particualr outside the National Gallery of Victoria. The surrounding areas along St Kilda Rd provide a diversity of locations for Melbourne wedding photography.

Melbourne Wedding Photo in the Arts Precinct, showing the Bridal Party enjoying time together. Wedding Photography Melbourne- a bride and groom on the lawn outside the Arts Centre Wedding Photography Melbourne- in the walkway at Southbank.

These wedding photos are from the area ooutside the National Gallery of Victoria, and feature the water window, fountain, as well as stairs leading to Southbank, by the Yarra River.

Melbourne Wedding Photo in the Arts Precinct, featuring the National Gallery and fountain. Wedding Photography Melbourne- a bride and groom on the forecourt outside the National Gallery of Victoria. Wedding Photography Melbourne- on the stairway leading to  Southbank nd the Yarra River.

Melbourne is an incredible city for wedding photography. There are spots for all types of wedding photos- and for any time of the day or night. The next three pictures in the series below, show evening and night wedding photos, in particular around the reception venue called "The Willows" in St Kilda Road.

Melbourne Wedding Photo in the Arts Precinct, showing the newlyweds near the stage door. A bridal nightshot portrait outside the Willows Restaurant Melbourne Wedding Photography Melbourne- a bride with an Aemstrong Siddeley Limousine crosses St Kilda Road, outside the Willows Restaurant.

Often there are more fantastic wedding photography locations close by, and by having flexibility in the schedule, you will get the biggest variety of images in the time you have allocated for photography. As always, we recommend you speak with us as early as you can in the planning process.

Wedding Photo Permits

Wedding photography of Melbourne bride and groom with a mustang car

The good old days of wedding photographers and their brides and grooms holding centre stage throughout Melbourne city locations, are all but gone.

This wedding photography example, taken in the Melbourne central business district, shows a popular photography area just near Flinders Lane.

Wedding photographers have had it too good for too long- and traffic disruptions have escalated as photographers choreograph images in and around the central business district.

Many once popular wedding photo hotspots are becoming off limits- so seek permission way ahead of time, if you intend to make your way through the central nusiness district of Melbourne city, for the purpose of having wedding photos taken.

As of this writing, one of the safest, wedding-friendly places very close to the heart of the city is the Fitzroy Gardens, in Lansdowne Street. With ample photography settings, mini- scenes and an assortment of bridges, lakes and gazebos, you're sure to find something there that wil delight. Always be prepared, with a second choice wedding photography location backup, especially if rain is even remotely forecast.

Edgy Wedding Photography

Alternative Wedding Photographer Melbourne Image in a dark alley

Are you looking for something edgy and imaginative in your wedding photos? Artistic, comment-worthy images you can hang in your own gallery or on your bedroom wall? We have the imagination, skills and expertise to bring you results like you see here.

This image was made with the assistance of our solar powered smoke machine, and it was a bonus having our studio hairstylist and makeup artist along for the entire shoot. The makeup and hair service throughout the entire shoot is standard for brides who book our wedding makeup and hair stylist seperately.

Enquire today! We can give you stunning images you will cherish forever. It is important that you speak with us early in the planning process.