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Melbourne wedding photographers need to seek out the unusual- and this gallery shows examples of photography in places most people wouldn't stop to look at. From city lanes, to the steps of Parliament House in Spring Street, newlyweds don't need to cover huge distances, to get great photos. The foyer shown here is from the Crown Metropol Hotel, near the Casino in West Melbourne. This is one of many beautiful hotels in Melbourne, however couples and wedding photographers need to be aware that permission to take photos is not freely granted. Ensure you seek approval well in advance and carry a copy of your written permit on the wedding day photo shoot.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers portrait of a bride at Crown Metropol Hotel A bride before her wedding, photography at the Crown Metropol Hotel, Melbourne Wedding Photography showing a bride at the Crown Metropol Hotel

The wedding ceremony took place at the Melbourne Registry Office, and the last photo in the series below shows an anxious groom multi tasking on the phone. Although he is the center of attention, the groom still manages to concentrate on his phone call, and keep those around him smiling. The other wedding photos in the series of three were taken in the Crown Metropol Hotel, showing different aspects of the foyer, and imaginative composition using the staircase. A full shot of the stairs was impossible, there were tourists everywhere. The wedding photo below left, shows a way of utilising the cluttered setting to isolate the bride within a graphic composition, adding a touch of drama to the photography.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers portrait of a bride at Crown Metropol Hotel A bride before her wedding, photography at the Crown Metropol Hotel, Melbourne Wedding Photography showing a bride at the Crown Metropol Hotel

The following wedding photos show a ceremony taking place in the Melbourne Registry Office. This is close to Parliament House, Pellegrini's Bar, the Australia on Collins, and other popular Melbourne wedding photographer locations. The central picture was taken at the Crown Metropol Hotel, before the wedding ceremony. The Melbourne Registry Office is conveniently located at the top end of Collins St, with on-dtreet parking close by. The whole building has an old world charm about it, with the advantage of being close to every prominent wedding photographers location in Melbourne city.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers portrait of a bride reading her vows at Melbourne's Registry Office. Pre wedding ceremony portrait of a Melbourne bride at Crown metropol hotel. Wedding Photography showing the bridal party at a Melbourne Registry Office Ceremony.

From the ceremony, we moved to some unusual city locations, as shown in the series below. From a steamy laneway, where our solar powered smoke machine worked overtime creating the atmosphere for this sultry wedding shot, to the home of art- the National Gallery of Victoria. The couple are shown framed by the arch outside the Eastern entrance to the building, on St Kilda Road.

A bride and groom with rose petals on them after their Melbourne Registry Office wedding. A sexy wedding photo of newlyweds, in a Melbourne laneway. A bride and groom kissing, framed by the arch outside the National Gallery of Victoria.

The next series of photos shows what can be done at Parliament House- a very popular wedding photography location for Melbourne brides and couples. Shot just on twilight, these wedding pictures show the tall buildings of Melbourne's eastern city precinct. Our Hollywood lighting was used in some these photos, adding a touch of glamour to the scene.

A bride and groom with rose petals on them after their Melbourne Registry Office wedding. Wedding photo Melbourne Parliament House with lamps and buildings used in composition. A bridal portrait of newlyweds after their wedding at Melbourne's Registry office.

The wedding photography shown below is from the Crown Metropol Hotel foyer, and also Parliament House Melbourne. All the pictures are examples of wedding photo nightshots, in Melbourne city. The Crown Plaza was used by the bridal couple, as well as the entrance area to the hotel. Having the right gear was a welcome scenario- the iseal angle of view from our wedding photography lenses enabled us to shoot the horse and carriage photo with taxi cabs everywhere.

Wedding photography featuring a bride and groom with their horse drawn carriage in Melbourne Wedding photo Melbourne Parliament House showing a bride with the columns as a backdrop. A wedding photo of newlyweds in the foyer of Crown Casino, Melbourne

Wedding Photographers in Melbourne are spoiled for choice- the city area has unlimited photography opportunities. It pays to check though- not all areas are freely available any more. Councils are imposing restrictions and insisting that wedding photography permits are obtained before the day. 

Wedding Photo Permits

Wedding photography of Melbourne bride and groom with a mustang car

The good old days of wedding photographers and their brides and grooms holding centre stage throughout Melbourne city locations, are all but gone.

This wedding photography example, taken in the Melbourne central business district, shows a popular photography area just near Flinders Lane.

Wedding photographers have had it too good for too long- and traffic disruptions have escalated as photographers choreograph images in and around the central business district.

Many once popular wedding photo hotspots are becoming off limits- so seek permission way ahead of time, if you intend to make your way through the central nusiness district of Melbourne city, for the purpose of having wedding photos taken.

As of this writing, one of the safest, wedding-friendly places very close to the heart of the city is the Fitzroy Gardens, in Lansdowne Street. With ample photography settings, mini- scenes and an assortment of bridges, lakes and gazebos, you're sure to find something there that wil delight. Always be prepared, with a second choice wedding photography location backup, especially if rain is even remotely forecast.

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