Ragusa Restaurant Williamstown Chapel

Looking seriously like "The Beatles" on the cover of "Abbey Road", this wedding party crossed The Strand in Williamstown after their wedding at Croatian restaurant "Ragusa". A photography session in freezing conditions followed, bringing more of a London atmosphere to Melbourne's western suburbs.

The dark grey skies made for stunning wedding photography light; the freezing weather kept things moving- except the one solitary car on the road, providing eye-catching back lighting which contrasted sharply with the cool toned fading winter twilight. All this before 6 o'clock!

ragusa-chapel-wedding-4712.jpg ragusa-chapel-wedding-4721.jpg
ragusa-chapel-wedding-4734.jpg ragusa-chapel-wedding-4745.jpg
ragusa-restaurant-williamstown-4976.jpg ragusa-restaurant-williamstown-5131.jpg 
ragusa-chapel-wedding-4846.jpg ragusa-chapel-wedding-4854.jpg
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Ragusa Wedding Chapel

ragusa chapel williamstown wedding ceremony

These images are of the inside of the Ragusa restaurant wedding chapel. It's a great little location- a mix of rustic and contemporary- so there's something for everyone. Wedding celebrant Jill Strong from Werribee is conducting this marriage ceremony.

ragusa wedding photography with piano and newlyweds

This delightful old piano is a great prop for photography- it provides a different element to what's usually seen in wedding photos. We moved lots out of the way to make these pictures possible, and used the delightful warm ambience to our photographic advantage.

page boy kisses the bride

It just goes to show, that with the right moves at the right time, the young page boy got to kiss the bride before the groom did! This delightful lad was in the right place at the right time and so was the wedding photographer. Moments like this are often the ones that people recall first, as they come under the category of "unusual" interruptions to a wedding ceremony.

Horse and Carriage Bride

bride in horse drawn coach arrives at old treasury buillding

Melbourne CBD Photo

wedding photography in melbourne laneway

Wedding photography throughout Melbourne provides lots of variety for those behind- and in front of the lens. There is something around every corner- and down every alley.

Wedding registry office brides have evrything available in a compact place- no need for a wedding limousine. Wear- or change into- a comfortable pair of shoes, and you're set to go. Most of the wedding photography takes place within 600 meters of the Old Treasury Building in Spring Street Melbourne- many delightful places are just around the corner.

Chapter House Wedding

melbourne bride at chapter house iron gates

Williamstown Wedding

night shot wedding photography, the strand williamstown

Here's an interesting wedding photo.
This shot was taken in the absolute black of night- in fact it was so dark I guessed the distance in the focus! The ball of light above the bride and groom in the dark alleyway, is not the sun through the clouds, nor is it the moon. The source of this light is a tiny lamp, in the roof of this walk way.

Using the best camera for wedding photography can foster a love-hate relationshiup at times. The massive dynamic range of the final image as captured by the sensor- with no post-processing- has turned the black night sky into daylight!

wedding photography williamstown, commonwealth park

Our wedding photography subjects braved the cold- and went accross the road to the park for some shots. Taking shelter in the gazebo was a mixed bag of fun- it kept the rain off the wedding couple but with the extra elevation above the ground, we were subject to more of the icy wind. The groom was fine- he was originally from Scotland. The best man was originally from New Zealand. This was summer for both guys!

Street Art Melbourne

wedding photography with modern art melbourne registry office

The streets of Melbourne CBD have lots of sculptures and art which makes for interesting stylig in wedding photography. They have intersting and unique dynamics- the shpaes are as varied as the pieces themselves. Different lighting conditions make these sculptures come alive- and at night they take on a change of character.

If you're considering wedding photography with some of these street sculptures featuring in your photos, select only a couple to work with- don't aim to use every single one in Melbourne. Consider which will work with your wedding dress colour.