Potters Weddings Warrandyte

Our latest Potters Reception wedding gallery shows the diversity of settings within the venue. Daytime photography within the gardens, combined with a night wedding photography session, produced an impressive range of looks. dominating the scene in the carpark, were three huge Kenworth trucks, one belonged to the bride and groom, and was the transport of the day. The oportunities for wedding photography at Potters are limitless, governed only by available time. Good planning and on-time arrival ensures you will have a stunning collection of wedding photography.

bride at stairs, clarion hotel bride on lounge, clarion hotel
newlyweds and truck wedding truck wedding photography
bridal couple cut their wedding cake, potters reception bride and groom at potters bar warrandyte night wedding photo of bride in arch, potter reception
groom kisses bride beneath light at night, potters warrandyte night wedding photography, potters reception wedding night photo of potters reception couple
wedding at potters waterfall warrandyte bride with camaro car
portrait of newlyweds potters motel area bridge setting bridal party portrait
night wedding photography showing kenworth trucks at potters warrandyte night shot of couple kissing by truck
bridal party seated at main table, potters wedding
an evening walk along potters reception garden path night wedding photography bridal couple silhouette

Bridal Truck at Potters

bride and truck in potters carpark

This truck brings a whole new meaning to wedding transport.

Recently at Potters Reception in Warrandyte, three giant Kenworth trucks were used as props in the wedding photography session. The bride arrived in the main truck, shown here- which is owned by the newlyweds. The other two trucks owned by friends provided stunning photography props, and were a hot conversation topic among the guests, who were outside to see the bride arrive.

Truck Wedding Photo

truck wedding photo potters reception

This enormous truck is the pride and joy of the newlyweds, shown here in the car park at Potters Reception in the Melbourne suburb of Warrandyte. The picture was taken immediately after their wedding in the chapel and evening sunlight provided the light source, which bathed the scene in a golden glow.

Monster trucks like this make great photography props. The task was made easier with room to move in the truck park, and a clean background made it unnecessary to hide imperfections, as there weren't any!

If using trucks as wedding day transport is on your list of things to consider, a trial run might be in order- imagine the parking area nearly full on the day, and consider how the trucks will fare in that space!

Potters Wedding Bride

bridal portrait potters reception garden

An unused corner of the garden at Potters Reception provides a unique setting for this bridal portrait, made during a break in the wedding photography session. Potters Reception has lots of wedding photography settings, each day is different, light and vegetation has subtle changes too.

It's often something you can't plan- you need to be observant s a wedding photographer, and very opportunistic. Just grab the shots as you see them. It's the best piece of advice.

Potters Waterfall Bride

waterfall photo of bride, potters

Potters Reception has one of the more natural looking artificial waterfalls of any wedding venue.

It's extremely likely that you will keep your feet completely dry and also stay out of the water- during waterfall wedding photography.

This waterfall is one of several on the property, and you can have shots at all of them during your Potters wedding photography session

The ideal light for shots like this, is soft overcast, and we can use light modifiers too create that look for you if the conditions for wedding photography are less than perfect on the day.