Bram Leigh Weddings, Garden and Chapel

Here are some Bram Leigh Wedding Photos, taken as Melbourne delivered four seasons in one day. This Bram Leigh bride arrived not on time- but early- (more about that later) for her wedding at Bram Leigh. With arrival photos bathed in glorious Autumn sunshine, the clouds held their rain until much of the photography was finished. As you can see from these wedding photos, it didn't matter about the weather. Wedding photographers regularly work in the rain, so it's not a worry. What you should be mindful of, as a bride selecting a venue for your wedding, is the number of dry photographic locations available ot you on the day.

A group shot of a wedding party outside Bram Leigh Chapel Croydon The bridal party share a drink and cheers at Bram Leigh

The wedding photography within the gallery below, are from a winter wedding at Bram Leigh Receptions, held on a bitterly cold, dry day in Melbourne with autumn foliage still lingering on the birch trees, giving a mixed European and Australian flavour to the garden.

There is a time that's "just right" for most wedding venues. The best time of year for weddings at some venues is during these cooler months. The right choice of trees on the property means that the light gets through the bare branches and the starkness of the trees against everything else in the photo makes a great contrast. Bram Leigh is one of the few venues where bleak weather and winter can contribute in a very positive way to your wedding photography.

A wedding photo taken at Bram Leigh in Croydon. Wedding Photography featuring a bridal couple with a blue Falcon wedding car at Bram Leigh Croydon A wedding photo taken in the front garden of Bram Leigh Croydon, showing the water feature A bridal party outside the Bram Leigh Chapel, Melbourne A wedding photo of newlyweds at Bram Leigh Croydon, showing the water feature A Bridal Wedding Portrait by the coach lamps in the front garden of Bram Leigh receptions in Croydon. A Bride and Groom cut their wedding cake at Bram Leigh receptions, Melbourne A portrait of a bride with a blue Ford Falcon wedding car, at Bram Leigh Receptions, Croydon Newlyweds in a night wedding photo at Bram Leigh Croydon A bridal party seated at the bridal table, at Bram Leigh Receptions, Melbourne

A Bram Leigh Wedding

Newlyweds kiss in the leafy garden at Bram leigh

Here are some Bram Leigh wedding photos, taken around the grounds of Bram Leigh receptions. Featuring leafy glades which are easily accessible, the gardens offer a number of easily accessible locations, without the need to walk big distances.

A bridal party in the front garden, relaxing as the bride and groom are off having photos

There's lots to do even when you're supposed to be having a break from all that photography! This very jovial bridal party had their own photo session unbeknown to the bride and groom, and it all happened in the blink of an eye- or the flash of a strobe. What was the bride doing during all this? The photo below tells all- the lovely bride was cueing her special bridal waltz track, as DJ Nader looked on, wondering exactly who was running the show!

A Bram Leigh bride checks sound at her wedding reception

The result of a well planned bridal waltz speaks for itself, and there's a photo below that shows just how great it all looks when done properly. A smoke machine brings atmosphere, and the rest is bliss! Wedding photographers capture the best images in a setting like this with the lights down low, and no auxilliary photographic ighting.

Melbourne wedding photographers image of a bridal waltz

Bram Leigh After Dark

If you've ever wondered what Bram Leigh is like in the rain- and whether or not you can still take good shots- check out these photos!

A twilight photo of a bride in a lilac wedding dress at bram leigh.

Wedding photography after dark- otherwise known as night shot wedding photography- either succeeds or fails on the merits of the location. These images were shot in conditions far from dry- and if you're freading the prospect of rain on your wedding day- don't worry.

A night shot wedding photo at bram leigh receptions

If you've selected a great venue- and you might want to check it out at night- just to be sure. Good reception venues will have an incredible assortment of places to shot at night, and after the bridal party have finshed their mains, is usually a great time to do night shot wedding photography. Melbourne twilight is long- so the timing does not need to be super-critical.

Night shots by melbourne wedding photographers, featuring a fountain

The photo shown above is an example of nightshot wedding photography taken in the absolute black of night. Contrary to most peoples' belief, the sky is not "pitch black" at night in the suburbs- and the super sensitive chip in professional cameras makes light work of rendering the color visible in the sky two hours after sunset. These images are all examples of wedding photography at Bram Leigh Receptions.