High Country Wedding Photography Locations

The spectacular alpine areas of the Victorian high country absolutely burst with unique wedding photography opportunity. It can be daunting, sitting at home pouring over maps, to have any idea of where to look- sometimes slow drives seperate likely mountain wedding locations.

Alpine areas photography, in particular the capture of wedding images in the high country, requires a discipline and commitment unlike any other location shoot, from both newlyweds and wedding photographer. The mountain environment is subject to the full gamut of climate variables- often within a few hours. People need to be well prepared and able to change plans and photography locations on a moment's notice.

High Country Wedding Photography Ideas- the Best Spots in the Alps

The first in our series of high country wedding location ideas is presented in the mini gallery below. The scenery is spectacular, nothing short of breathtaking. Access is relatively easy, considering the mountain environment, and access is by four wheel drive vehicle.

Wedding Photography Location in the Victorian High CountryOne of the best high country wedding photography locations in victoriaA landscape photo in the victorian high country, suitable for use as a wedding photography background

More wedding photography locations in the Victorian High Country will follow soon. The image shown in the gallery above, and the others featured on this page of our website have been watermarked, to deter the alarming rise of attempted theft and unauthorised use of artistic and intellectual property. Images on the internet are not copyright-free; if you would like specific information on high country wedding photography locations, we offer a location consulting service to clients who have booked their photography with us.

Wedding Photography Location in the Victorian High CountryA narrow ridgetop makes for an ideal wedding photography location in the victorian high countrya photo of a river gorge in the victorian high country

It should also be mentioned here that the pictures in this article gallery were taken on a pocket compact camera- the sort of camera you would keep in a bag on your daily travels. When we carry our posessions on our back during a week long trek, the DSLRs stay at home. And so do the prohibitively heavy lenses. These images were shot during a week-long hike in the Victorian High Country, which provided and endless supply of amazing wedding photography locations.

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Your Wet Weather Wedding Plan

Wet Weather Wedding Photography, is something all brides should plan for, early in the wedding planning stage. The last few years have seen our weather become wild and unpredictable, and brides who have had rainy day wedding photography locations sorted in advance have been grateful for this.

Wind blows the bride's veil on this stormy day portrait by the beach in Melbourne

The photo above shows a very fiesty wind lifting the bride's veil. The gallery at left shows images made in the backup location- this venue was welcome in the unexpected heat wave on the day.

Make a list of likely places early, and discuss them with us. As the day approaches, visit these venues to see that there have not been any major changes- construction scaffolding is not a good look in your wedding photos!

Ensure that you have permission from the venue to come inand have wedding photography there, and get this sorted directly with the person who will be in charge of the venue staff on the day. Almost any venue will welcome a group- especially if the venue provides meals or snacks. Everyone will buy something- a quick easy sale for a restaurant or bar is always welcome during what is traditionally a quiet time between lunch and dinner on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Of course with the extra location on hand, you will need more time for your wedding photography. Allow enough time for travel, parking and walking to the spots you have chosen, and you will have a great day and awesome wedding photography.